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here are the primary position of the planets and the Sun during the first American nation day
The complete position of the SUN was 19 Cancer 13 Gemini and 22 Gemini
The Ascendent was 13 Sagittarius and second ascendent position is 10 gemini
The galactic Prime Attractor was at 10 Sagittarius in the 18th century
The prime attractor is on the USA descendent and conjunct Uranus
The Moon was at 27 Aquarius (sign of independence). Uranus rules Aquarius
PLANET POSITIONS are Moon 27 Aquarius, node in Leo
Many presidents carry the Leo motive including Clinton Obama, Trump and Lincoln
Mercury Cancer 24, Venus Cancer, Jupiter Cancer, Saturn Libra, Uranus Gemini, Neptune Virgo
The foundations of the nation are found in the Sun positions
Cancer (security and family, land ownership) Gemini education and learning
Sagittarius rising freedom liberty, Aquarius science technology and Virgo Medical.
The Galactic Center 72 years degree cycle. Key years 2001, 1930, 1859/60, 1787/1788 at the initiation of the next cycles of the Second GTC position. These coincide with 9/11, depression, civil war, and Constitutional congress

Using the POSITION from Equator and GMT
The entire east coast of America is in the CANCER SOLARIS ZONE. The east coast GMT sign is Gemini from 60 to 90 west longitude
Washington DC is 17 gemini GMT point at 77 west longitude. The Washington DC GMT one degree signs are gemini and virgo

THE GALACTIC CENTER is the Gravity well black hole center of this milky way Galaxy
The entire history of man is ruled by Galactic Center position relative to Earth
It rules over all galactic events and positions of this Universe as we know it here

The galactic center entered Sagittarius in 64 AD, 30 years after Jesus death
this is directly related to the Magna Carta in 1200 Ad and the USA BIRTH 600 years later
It will complete its cycle in Sagittarius in 200 more years around 2300 AD
The original blue print for America came out of the roman Judeo Christian ethic
SAGITTARIUS is the sign of expansion, freedom, knowledge, exploration, and religious identity

The initial Sagittarius cycle followed the current long cycle of the World civilization some 18,000 before Christ
This would align with the end of the fourth root race in Atlantis and the Arcturian cycle of Earth
We are now in the 5th root race, the Aryan, or white race including Asiatics and Eurasian peoples
This will likely be the final humanoid generation, although we suspect the real source of DNA and genetic mutation in man is of alien or extraterrestrial and mixed hybrid with Reptilian genetics
Man we are certain is basically being ruled by the reptilians who are hidden in the matrix on the other side and primarily from the moon. This realization of emotional control using invisible tap lines is of primary concern as we see its development through history and the terrible events and control procedures in place since long before Eqypt and civilization as we know it, including technical, psychological, and physical repression and distortion of reality in the systems and god space belief mentality and universal perspective we have come to accept, including the mythology of history.

Mankind is discovering its true heritage and history only now at the end of this Sagittarian cycle
ASTROLOGY is the SUN AND STARS in our WORLD and EARTH in relation to events and people
It is a subjective indirect relation which becomes our valuation of choices and decisions
We are inviting man to discover the Real History of itself, but also the Tru Reality Life IS, Life in the real UniversIS which is beyond creation and the history of man
This IStory is the d'estiny of all man, to know the IS, to discover oneself beyond the world, events, and mankind, beyond the cosmos, universe and local earth world's

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To celebrate Marilyn, and her passing 50th anniversary in a positive way, we look at the SOL CHART and its important progression through the SOLAR chart METHOD.

(JUNE 1 1926 Birth) - PROGRESSION in her life
(SolMC 0 aries Mc 6 Taurus Sol Asc 3 Gemini Luna 6 Gemini Sun 10 Gemini Asc 13 Leo Sol SUN 27 Sag Moon 19 Aqu)

Marilyn was seeking freedom (sol in sagittarius) and liberation, personally, and in her life. The soul heart (in Gemini) was intelligence and expression, which she gave demonstrably, acting out her inner self and its conflicts as well as privately keeping to her self (the natal lower half (public chart) is weak with only saturn, the upper half (internal nature) is filled with planets, conjunctions and oppositions.

Striking early and mid-life progressions - The Sol Moon (Luna) to her Sun at age 4, sparks first a luminous and childlike beauty, and the Sol rising to Her Luna (age 3) as well as her Sun (age 7) making early childhood experiences very important in some spiritual or personal way. She was raised to be a star from an early age, as a way to realize the celluloid movieland dreams of her mother and foster parents.

The second is at (Sol Rising 0 Aries conjunct her MC at 6 taurus) age 36, coming in the year of her death in 1962. The apex of Marilyn’s life came along with the determination that Soul was ready for a new life as she was to move on from the current multi-faceted soul experience. This was alongside the final peak of fame in death, which has led to a blend of hollywood and spiritual immortality.

These two progressions were two of the four major solar arc progressions in her lifetime. The third was the MC to Luna at age 30, in keeping with her actual career peak and sex-symbol stardom in 1956, and then the MC to her Sun as a very physical career decision in 1960 (age 34) that would complete the years of her best film achievements. Promiscuity, and detachments conversely acosted her good spirit.

Marlyn’s SOL (60th Harmonic) Star chart reveals the soul decisions and investment which describes her life. The rising in 3 Gemini conjunct the Luna and the Sun at 10 degrees equate to the beauty, the body as a tool, the psycho-sexuality and attention getting and her soulful luminescent qualities (Neptune is also in sol gemini 23 degrees) and her magnetic feminine appearance.

Marilyn was an American Goddess who was simply a very human Soul. (Sol uranus at 0 aquarius is conjunct to positions when Barack Obama was elected, and the star of the Eagle aligned with other famous SUN and SOL in the degrees for notables such as Nicole Kidman, Cher, Betty White, Dolly Parton, and Pearl S. Buck as well as Kevin Costner and Thomas Jefferson)

SOL DEGREES: sol rising 3 gemini - Luna 6 gemini - sun 27 sagittarius - The sol jupiter in scorpio at 20 degrees (sexual obsession and symbolism), , Venus 15 Capricorn - Pluto 23 cancer - node 24 capricorn - mercury 17 taurus - Mars 14 Virgo Saturn 26 libra Chiron 0 aries, Uranus 0 Aquarius lillith 12 taurus part of fortune 12 scorpio

We find her polarity attraction to opposite sex (mars trine venus) and sexual objectivity and magnetism (venus opposite pluto), and this being with an opposition (USA pluto to her Sol pluto) of this ethereal and manipulative state via American obsession and power, which resulted in her control by men of power and hollywood celebrity, being almost opposite to the political downfall and a public demonstration of the social will when she met and matched up with John F. Kennedy who it seems was both lover and relation to death, which came to both following their meeting when the famed drunken starlet singing praise in song to the President. Marilyn shares the sol in sagittarius in late degree (and near the galactic center) with Lindsay Lohan, another seemingly lost and addiction minded actress/personality. The (challenged feminine, domestic and interpersonal qualities (sol Saturn (Hera - the successful woman) is square in libra to this node, venus in cancer and capricorn in pluto T-Square) can be easily diagnosed, needing healing and creative outlets.

Here also is the wounded healer extremely active, (Marilyn’s “Sol Chi” (sol chiron) is conjunct her sol rising), and the necessity for medication of many kinds, sexual, personal, media, and medical, which enfused the confusion and challenge as well as her personal achievement and special qualities. These are aligned through publicity, natural character and human and public personality (sextile her sol Uranus at 0 Aquarius). Prometheus unleashed as it were, with a drive for hermetic and feminine perfection which of course in human terms was unachievable, except in terms of her celebrated results.

In her natal chart, the venus in aries, the saturn in libra opposite brings attention to the great conflict, her feminine appeal and constructed career persona. Combine this with the feminine manipulation and karmic desires (lilith and node combined and opposite pluto) that were willingly abused or used by male companions, and the male power structure, as she also broke down sexual and female archetypes. This purpose of liberation (soul in sagittarius) eventually became either protracted and developed to the point of her soul experience that brought an end to her life.

This is a remarkable and evocative demonstration of a Soul reading, not only of how we may understand ourselves, but also release or become detached or expanded from the worldly aspects or relations which the stars and our lifetime can express.

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Solar Progressions are the arcs related to the movement of the Sun. These begin in our first minute of life, and the key progressions are the same as the hour, minute and second. These are the SUN, SOL, and SPIRIT cycles, which are the relative timing of our Physical being, Our individual Soul, and the living Spirit within us.


Progressions are arcs of the Sun and planets. The most common is the day for a year progression as a relative movement of the Sun. This solar progressions gives us a degree of the sun for each year of life.

Each day has 24 hours, and each hour has 60 minutes, and each minute has 60 seconds. The Primary progressions are relative harmonics of the sun, using the same timing system as in our solar revolution.

The physical movement of the sun is one day, 24 hours long. The relative solar progression is the day for a year, but we may also use 24 hours for a lifetime, or what we will call a natural lifetime of 100 years.

The SOL cycle is the 60th HARMONIC OF THE SUN

The SOLAR ARC cycle of the Sun is 1 degree in a year. This can also be done for any SOL degree, including other planets, and the SOL 60TH HARMONIC or the 3600x SPIRIT HARMONIC of the SUN. In addition, all progressions can be done in reverse, as regressions, into past lives. These main signs also develop most of the essential synastry relationships and harmony of Signs between people.

The SOLAR ARC of the Sun, Moon, Rising, and Midheaven, in aspects to these same 4 degrees from birth, as well as the Sol Sun, Moon, Rising, and MC gives most of the key solar arcs to show and define the primary year positions and signs for this lifetime. OUR PRIMARY LIFETIME SOLAR PROGRESSION MAP

The combination of the SOLAR ARCS, and the THREE PRIMARY SOLAR PROGRESSIONS will demonstrate the primary lifetime cycles. The RELATIONSHIP OF Sun, Moon, Rising and Midheaven provide the keys to our lifetime relationships and individual mission as well as inherent keys to spiritual freedom and self-realization.

THE CELESTIAL ZODIAC; The Constellation map of the Celestial Equator runs through the set of signs in the northern hemisphere, from Pegasus, the Winged Horse, to Delphinus, the Dolphin. This is relative to the 12 to 14 sign system of Solar Harmonics using the 60x formula.

The SOLAR ARCS, SOL SIGNS, CELESTIAL ZODIAC, and PRIMARY LIFE AND YEAR SIGNS AND DEGREE MAPS are all available through email, to Paneagle7 and gmail. This dynamic SOL ASTROLOGY is the most unique and advanced of its kind, the first actual spiritual integration of Astrology, and the original design of Paneagle, the One world Galactician, who offers this to students and Astrologers here for the first time, in keeping with the 2012 opening of the Cosmic Doorway and the new found Celestial cycle, which aligns with the age of Aquarius, and the end of the Mayan calendar.

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The Earth travels through the sphere of the sun each year. But the Solar system and sun travel through the celestial sphere with 2100 years per sign.

We had the age of Mu (Lemuria) prior to 13,000 BC, and then the small Ice Age and the Clan of the Cave bear times in Virgo cycle around 11000 BCE. Atlantis followed surrounding the Atlantic in 10,000 to 3000 BC, and the Eqyptians and Mayans followed them into the Taurus and Aries cycles of the past. Now the European, Asian, and Middle Eastern nations expanded into the time of Christ that has come up to the present, from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius which begins in this century.

The time has come to begin a new zodiac and calendar system. The following is an example of the 14 signs in 26 degree periods, taking us through the year. This zodiac includes the Ophiuchus, doctor-healer, the Bear, ursa major, and the Winged Horse, Pegasus, as well as the Eagle, the Swan, the Owl, the Shepherd, the Hero, the River, the Charioteer, The Unicorn, the Dolphin and the Swan, and the Whale. Each sign lines up with a group which is aligned with the equator to the north pole through each of the gradiants.

A key is the north star aligned with Polaris about 2100. This suggests a new system of Navigation is in order. We may find a 7 month calendar, one which represents 2 of each of the signs. The days of the week are 6 days sol weeks, which correspond with the suns movement more than days of the week, but we may also find the 6 day week with 4 day work week and 2 days weekend will be quite a bit more natural and to our liking in the physical effort, to find a more relaxed and still functional world and national system. What matters most is not the sign or the system, but rather what we choose in the most loving balanced way, that we use the principles,especially those of love, deny the use of power or force except in positive means, and welcolme the most useful human and true practice, of heart and spiritual principle. Here we may only begin to present how that principle is aligned with our world and this lifetime

The Celestial zodiac leads us to a wider greater view of who we are. We can also find these sol signs as significant inner relations using the laws of harmonics. The 60x harmonic gives us the sol or inner sign, which is our inner self, in this lifetime. The progressions of the main natural signs and the sol signs gives us a more full connection to the celestial and earthy sphere, and to unify them, with a natural progression of soul and self. Both are progressing in humanity and in the spiritual dimension, as we all become more aware of this true inner and spiritual balance. This is probably a statement of who and what we truly are, in the greater sense, the real purpose of the 2012 events which align the equatorial and celestial sphere once every 26,000 years. It is only that the event is not centered in one day or year, but is a becoming over at least a 100 year cycle.

Read on SOL ZODIAC IN THESE BLOGSPOTS and please comment and share.

Best; Paneagle

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There is a code to the Universe. Sought as a theory of everything, the actual mystery is found in the Spiritual code which highlights our universal conditions, but which transcends the physical dimension. The Universe of Spirit is codified in the physical matrix of our universe. That it has the Astrology relation is a cognizant and relative association.


First we must acknowledge, Soul, Spirit and God. These being the transcendental elements, we find them as the effect or relative universal position of source, such that spiritual principles exist from the human and universal elements. We do this by comparisons which gives us a formula of the code. The unique code is the specialized, like the mind that must specify the universal principle in order to make effect.

This Spirit code is a 3 in 3 matrix. The physical code is Body, Mind, and Soul. God created its essence, the spirit, which works through the Soul, the individual. This is the atom, neutron and proton, alike to the Suns, galaxy, and universal medium.

Let us take a balloon likened from the big bang expansion of the universe, like the micro and macro universe. The balloon expands in all directions. You are Soul as are all, on the edge of your expanding bubble, but with the natural dynamic creativity of the original (spirit). Therefore, the big bang continues universally without end, as do we, as Soul. Our human nature is the one spot we own, with the spirit of all, but in our unique specialized space. Equidistant from all other stars, as suns in the sky.

The Tri-Astrological model is the sun and its three degrees, and the three degrees in all positions. These are noted in the formula, which is the 1x, 60x, and 3600x harmonics. These relate the solar, Sol (as Soul) and the Spirit. The model greatly reflects the sun, the galaxy of suns, and the universe of suns, and the Soul, Spirit and God. It is only that the God level of course is not manifest or capable on this physical level of manifest, because of its nature as source. The seed is not the plant, is it? But the seed bears fruit in the plant.

The universal model is spiritual in this code. For example imagine a Soul's diamond on a mountain of God, with a tree of heaven, and a river of spirit flowing through the ocean of love and mercy. We compare each of these to the universe of Earth, the Sun, Planets as the tree, the Galaxy as the river, and the universe of stars as the ocean of spirit.

Now we can expand our own universal contract to the personal universe as well, where we are a sun in our world, with its soul as light within and the spirit as the river of atoms or cells, and God as the unknown, mysterious, unmanifest source.

The spirit works through the agency of individual, in both a returning and expanding flow. The Astrological model is the reflection of the universal elements, which is a unity with the spiritual code. But in this lower world we must acknowledge the strata of polarity, thus that humans manifest in polarity as couples mate and offspring, or the combination of negative and positive that manifest.

Here the three are the Laws of karma, reincarnation, and astrology or laws of cycles. These principles reflect science in the law of cause and effect, gravity, and relativity, as laws of time and space. The psycho-dynamic is our relative association from a spiritual perspective. When we allow our being as spiritual, that is we are Soul in the body, not a body with a Soul.

In this light, the Astrology or law of cycles, the Soulogy or spiritual psychology, and the Nuetics, of Universal principles, brings again the 3x3. The practical real aspects of Nuetics are E-conomics, Education, and Environment, also reflecting body, mind and emotions in realized and organized human and worldly aspects. Soulogy brings the spiritual context to the mind, and Neutics brings the realistic aspect of the Soul.

We find the manifest temporal quality, and the eternal evervescent quality. The polarity law of karma, reincarnation and cycles will each have end points, while the soul, and spirit principles have no beginning or end. These come together in the human and worldly elements, which presents us with the finite and infinite aspects of life.


The formula of time and space is in our stars, the gravity, and laws of physics. The Formula in the sun, simply has the three degrees, which are manifest in the signs of the zodiac, or month, the sol sign of 12 hour periods like the normal rotation of day or night hours, Sol in the 60x formula, and the 12 minute spirit sign, which is noted in the 3600x formula.

The Sol is like to Soul, the Sun, as the star, or star light, and Helios, the name of our Sun. It also aligns to the Cells, the structure of our bodies, which are made of the sun and water mostly and the four principle elements of the world.

The four elements known, give way to a 5th, the ether, where the code, and the fourth dimension exist. Now beyond this is the spiritual dimension, where Soul lives. We can find in the Sol matrix the 15x, 30x, 60x as reflection of the causal, mental, and soul body in each person. The 1x is the physical. We make this our center point of the other inner bodies, which we have. Let me add, when we die, the physical body dies, but the emotion body still lives, and we go to it, like the light of the sun. This is the common body we dream in as well, although we have the higher bodies also. The causal body is often found for dreams of purpose and change. It is less that man uses the higher bodies, but they are with us (or to say we are with them) just the same.

FOLLOW THE SUN We follow the Sun as principle in the physical model, and thus see in this universe its reflection in the solar universe. The sol formula comes of using the Sun's 1x, 60x, and 3600x. Now we have the relative proportion to our human and spiritual present in the physical dimension. We must add it also opens us to the spiritual dimension that we live in, although we may not see it manifest as power or force, because we do not wish to manipulate the natural or spiritual forces. That this matrix exists and our unity with it is perfect, is enough.

In Astrology of this code, the principle is your own 1x, 60x, and 3600x signs comes in the formula. The main 1x and 60x Sun and Sol degrees are used, with the Sun, Moon, Rising, and Midheaven at birth. We can then progress or regress these forward or backward to know past lives, future lives, and our present. The degrees are mathematical as 1 to 1, and 1 degree to a year, decade, or century or even the Millenium. You can find contact points to the SMRH (sun moon rising midheaven) and to the places in your natal chart which are significant. These planet conjunctions provide key dates in current cycles and present years.

The keynote of this method is exactness. The intepretation of things such as past lives are only indicators for yourself to know who you are. The use of the formula is to know or find who you are. Now you can begin to transcend or end the karmic influences, that is release, and find the higher principle, the eternal model, and the living Soul. Take SOL ASTROLOGY as it is, not the be all and end all of God or Spirit or Soul, but only our physical model to find the universal code, which begins the spiritual returning to the origin. This is where your real freedom and soul realization comes.
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INVITE - Sol Astrology school of Light now online is FREE. We invite you to email and then receive SCHOOL of LIGHT site locations and Updates here, with Paneagle Blogspots and ASTROLOGY Understanding, Method and Techniques


REPORT 1: Feng Shui Astrology of Place
FENG SHUI LOCALE AND WORLD DEGREE MAPPING 1) Use distance from equator north and GMT east and west.

2) degrees divided into 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, and 30.

Example New York City: 1 degree zones Taurus/Gemini and Leo. 30 degree zones are 40 North is 10 Taurus. 74 degree west is 14 Gemini. New York is financial/business, entertainment media and celebrity/sports capital of America. (taurus-leo-Gemini). The cusp of taurus/gemini cusp cuts through Manhattan. in a Capricorn state (business).

3) Divide up the degree into 12x12 grid. SE corner is 0 aries/0aries. NW corner is Pisces/Pisces. Example Hollywood, Florida 26 degree north. Gemini degree. The north sign of house at 26.03 west longitude is Taurus. 26.51 is Libra.

Soul and Spirit degrees of House: Local Feng Shui - Find house degrees using google. in three sets. (26 03 11 example) - Make each division of 6. The 26 is 2 more than 24 (6x4) so 26 is 3rd degree (gemini - as above mentioned). This is the solar degree of the area. The sol or inner degree of the site is 3 11 which is libra sol. The spirit is 11 which is either 11 rounded up from capricorn or is aquarius or if 11 30 it becomes Pisces as spirit sign of the house.

The local in-house FENG SHUI

SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION: THE NUMBER 6 regards the number of times or divisions required for manifestation.

Find the degree box of the block (a 1 mile grid). There are three level divisions: The degrees are divided into 6 degrees using 30 minutes or degrees for each sign, making up the 360 degree circle in total. The SOL SIGN FORMULA of 60th harmonic provides us 6 days of 12 signs each, each sign lasting 12 hours of a day. Although it does not align with day or night.

THE DEGREE EXAMPLE for the SUN, SOL AND SOLAR physical 1 degree for location
Example 26 13 05 04 as 26 degrees 13 minutes 5 seconds and 4. This is the block of gemini solar degree (26-24(6X4) = 2 TO 3 or Gemini degree. The 13 05 is a sol degree of 5 gemini, so this is also Gemini. The 5 04 is aquarius spirit or the 3rd level division.

The degree of 13 05 is a taurus (2nd degree as 13-12(6x2)point. The 05 04 is a Virgo (6th degree)

Astro-cartography is the map of location using our degrees and rising midheaven locale locations.
Places with sun, moon, jupiter, Uranus or venus are more pleasant on rising or midheaven points. Good aspects to these planets indicate better conditions for you. Trines, sextiles, conjunctions. Avoid negatives such as Saturn or Pluto especially if negatively aspected

If positive pluto or saturn, you can live and even thrive in a certain local.

Compare state and national signs for more on best environment or place relationships

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Congratulations. You and a short list of students CAN NOW ENROLL in a year long ASTROLOGY Self-Realization course provided by Paneagle's School of Light.


Here are the essentials: This past month we have begun to formulate and work in the process of the class. Your own chart serves as the focal point.

The position of the full moon to your sun sign will partially determine which module you are working with. The other is a basic format which I will email each month.

We will cover the basics in Month 1, and send you the SOL ASTROLOGY PRIMER - in the form of ASTRO SOUL e-file. Additional materials are the SOULOGY, spiritual psychology.

Each student is individual and will be led and taught individually.Each month you will raise your personal or particular interests through Astrology. These will be focused during the new moon and full moon periods. We will be using your own chart aspects, planets, houses, and signs. These four elements form the building blocks of the study.

Each month, 12 MODULES are aligned to the 12 sign-months.

3 GOALS OF THE COURSE: You should realize how to read your Astrology. Students will realize how to chart their own course, and you will take the next step to self-realization.

The course is modeled on a higher spiritual model. Therefore, there is spiritual practice relative to the Cycles and Aspects. What you get out of the course will be up to you. But there will be a lot on offer.

Paneagle is your teacher, the Sol Astrologer, Galactician, Founder Eagle Works and the School of Light. Astrologer Since 1975.

Module 1 is Aries, basics, signs and elements, Conjunctions, Mars, Self.
Module 2 is Taurus - Planets, bodies (basics and practical realities of the chart), Venus, Love.
Module 3 is Reading the Chart, Mercury aspects, Trines
Module 4 is Moon and Cancer, Houses, Squares, foundations.
Module 5 is Leo, the Soul Star, Light, illumination, Sol Signs, solar arcs.
Module 6 is Craft of Techniques and Methods, Mercury and Chiron, Sextile.
Module 7 is Signs as Relationships, Lilith, opposition, unity/polarity.
Module 8 is Scorpio, Pluto, power, pinpointing, karma, arcs, dragon head nodes.
Module 9 is Sagittarius, Jupiter, higher knowledge, Progressions/Opportunity
Module 10 is Capricorn, past, regressions, Saturn/Challenges, semi-square.
Module 11 is Aquarius, Uranus, special aspects, technology software use, Sol Astrology
Module 12 is Pisces, Neptune, INtuition, realization, completion, or renewal,

We will cover each module but you will be able to work on your
individual module which may vary across this spectrum.

Remember you are a channel, a prism of light with rainbow colors.
Be a Rainbow, be Soul, and be who you are.

Sol Astrology is only one aspect of the art of seeing. Sol Signs and the Galactic Zodiac is a very special study included in the Astro School of Light.

There are no fees for this course. (Value is in the hundreds of dollars) Your donations are well-received. Thank you. Maybe you will realize self-realization is a key goal through the course. It is in our trust that you will.

Acknowledge feedback of this transmission. Do not attempt to turn off your television set. (and Smile)
You will find this is of the highest quality Astrology in the world.
Other new students are invited ongoing at any point during the year. You are invited today.

Best to all; Paneagle,